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Universal BoostValve Kits

Product Details
A BoostValve increases the efficiency of your turbo during spool-up.

Conventional boost controllers waste air by opening your wastegate during boost build up, making your turbo work harder to make power.

Simply adding a BoostValve allows your turbo's boost to peak faster, reducing lag and making more power and torque sooner.

The Best performance gain for your money
10 to 30+ HP gain
Fastest spool up
Easy to install
Simple to adjust (no tools necessary)
Very Low spiking
Precision made in America with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
Dial in your peak boost with the adjuster knob and then lock it in place

Once set, your peak boost will hold steady at your desired preset level every time your engine reaches peak boost, no more wasting time under the hood or worrying later, just set & forget, super reliable, you can depend on your BoostValve knowing your engine will perform its best.


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