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The First Gen Brass Boostvalve MBC

Product Details

I have a limited number of my world famous original Gillis MBC Boostvalves that I personally designed, tested and refined back in the 1990's.  There was a similar valve that was know as the "G" valve or "Grainger" valve that some of the Chrysler Lebaron Turbo guys (Gus M. R.I.P.) were running and I came up with the idea of moving the outlet port to the side of the valve and drilling a small vent hole to correctly bypass it.  Before mine, the guys where putting the outlet barb on the adjuster cap, which made it a pain to adjust the boost once the hoses were connected. And nobody had a consistent vent idea.  My design became the standard that is still in use and now copied by many.
I really wish I had kept track of how many I sold over the years. (At Last count I know shipped to 46 countries.) But it all started as a hobby and I never thought it would become my business and passion that it is today.
I won't be making any more of the 1st generation valves, so if you see them sold online they are knock-offs of mine or maybe used boostvalves.  
Thanks for all your support! RG


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