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BoostValve Catalog

Universal Turbo kit, with general basic installation instructions
Kit Includes:

G2 Boostvalve Manual Boost Controller
Mounting Clamp
Install and tuning guide

Engine specific G2 Boostvalve Manual Boost controller kits

 Designed and tested exclusively for the cars listed
Safe and reliable performance for your engine

 Kits listed below include required parts, and install tuning guide
BoostValve kit for Thunderbird Turbo coupe, SVO Mustang, Merkur XR4Ti, and Ranger / Mustang 2.3L Turbo conversions

Works with Garrett and IHI turbos, stock or aftermarket intercooler

Bypass the factory BCS for full boost at lower RPMs
BoostValve kit for Ford F-series 7.3L Power Stroke trucks. For all 1999-2003 Garrett wastegate actuated turbo charged 7.3 PSD's

Not for 6.0 or early 7.3 trucks with electronic wastegate controller
BoostValve kit for 1999.5 and up VW New Beetle, Golf, GTI, Jetta, Passat. Audi A4, TT, S3, SEAT 20V, Skoda
This is the kit to order if you want to INCREASE boost pressure or eliminate the N75 factory boost solenoid

Easy to set your desired peak boost level
Fully adjustable
Boostvalve overboost kit or use with chipped/flashed ECUs
Eliminate limp mode and over boost problems
Fixes turbo Surging
Easy adjustable boost levels
This kit includes all the parts you need to eliminate the spikes and LOWER max boost
Complete BoostValve kit for both early (99.5-03) VAG turbo diesels with the rotary pump VNT turbocharger or (04+) 1.9L PD's & 2.0L

Allows you to adjust your peak boost pressure LOWER and save gas extending the life of your turbo Eliminates low RPM over boost problems and surge
BoostValve kit for 2007 up R56-R60 Mini 1.6L Turbo

Overboost correction kit for tuned Turbo Minis. This kit is to LOWER peak boost correcting tuning issues with reflashed ECU's and mods that cause too much boost pressure. This kit does NOT increase boost.
BoostValve kit for Arctic Cat T660, M1100 and newer turbo sleds
Easy Adjustable boost pressure
Faster launches
Higher top speed
Peak torque at a lower RPM for more power
BoostValve kit for 5.9L 1989-1998 6BT and 1999-2007 ISB Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesels.

BoostValve kit for the Subaru GT, WRX and STi turbo

All factory parts are retained, no cutting or drilling

Car can easily returned to completely stock specs
Complete G2 Boostvalve kit for the Ford ECO Boost 2.0L Turbo

NOTE: to safely run without error codes we strongly recommend having access to a code reader. During tuning you may trigger a DTC code.

works with factory boost solenoid on all 1st gen. Ford 2.0L ECO boost engines
easy to install and remove
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