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High Performance Turbo Boost Controllers
BoostValve MBC

Fastest turbo response
Spool up quicker, less lag, more boost at lower RPM's even at factory stock peak boost levels.

Peak boost at lower RPM's
Outperforms factory and aftermarket solenoid bleed systems.

More Horsepower
Adjustable boost for full power +10 to +30 HP increase or more.

Improved driveability
Eliminate surging over boost and computer error codes.
We are your source for high performance turbo parts and accessories for gas and diesel automobiles, trucks, snowmobiles, jet skis, and more. All of our products are fully tested and developed in the USA. We specialize in tuning difficult ECU chip/re-flash issues such as turbo overboost, boost spikes and fixing error codes and CEL (check engine light) issues.

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